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Hi there! I'm Yann.

Fascinated by all things computers since before learning to read, turned freelance T-shaped tech engineer (but the T has a few bars, more like a viaduct).

Main bars I wrangle: clouds (mostly AWS and Cloudflare), networks, software engineering. Sounds like something you're working on? Let's chat!

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Featured Projects

Merci Leo

since 2023
Compares offers from various discount platforms for 5k french merchants


since 2021
Spotify Wrapped, all year long


since 2016
My business, which helps other businesses with all things Cloud, Infrastructure and beyond

Oxid Telecom

2014 – 2023
The wireless ISP I founded to bring high-speed Internet to 30+ homes in my hometown

Other Projects


since 2023
A small framework to containerize dev tools on my workstation


since 2023
Shows what Parisians are doing right now, serverless

TTFB Tester

since 2022
Measures the Time To First Byte for any URL from 25+ datacenters worldwide, serverless


Generates compliant bibliographies from link lists


2020 – 2021
A Covid-19 lockdown exemption certificate generator for fellow students of my school, 5k uses

Gougère's Mastodon instance

since 2017
Initially hosted in the heart of Burgundy, home of 1.8k users

Gougère Network

2013 – 2020
A geographically distributed platform, used as my learning lab and hosting various services. 50+ VMs at its pinnacle.