Hi there!

I’m Janet Yann.

This is my new, shiny corner of the Web. I’m French, currently 22 and as passionate about IT and tech as I’ve ever been. While I have no plans to limit the scope of the content I’ll post here, there’s a high chance that most of it will be tech-related.

Although I’ve already posted pieces here and there over the past few years, there wasn’t a place to glue them together1. I’ve also been willing to write about a thing or two during the past few months, but didn’t feel like publishing on yet another Medium blog. So, here we are!

Technical bits for nerds like me

This website’s architecture seems boring — even if I find its elegance fascinating — which is kind of its whole point:

Why so? Because I’ve already wrestled with blogging in the past, and WordPress’s bells, whistles and maintenance needs or Ghost’s resource consumption meant those previous initiatives didn’t stand the test of time.

In IT, minimalism and simplicity often make for very robust solutions. Here, they also enable my small blog to be essentially free, extremely secure and lightning fast.

You’d be right to point out that I could have used Netlify, GitHub Pages or the likes, but I try to avoid free riding, and I already had custom Terraform templates that make the whole thing a breeze on AWS.

Edit: Turns out this wasn’t elegant enough as the site now runs out of Cloudflare Pages, which does look a fair bit like Netlify :-) This got me more automated builds/deployments and simpler infrastructure, plus I do pay a Cloudflare invoice every month so still no free-riding.

Credit where it's due

Even if I’ve encountered many blogs during my countless hours browsing HN or Twitter, some of them have proven particularly inspiring, namely:

Well, here’s to writing and elegant solutions!

  1. Especially since Twitter closed my previous account when I tried to make my birth date right… Oops. ↩︎